What We Do

Cellum provides comprehensive mobile transaction solutions to a broad range of customer groups, including banks, mobile network operators, merchants and governments.

Our flagship product, Cellum Mobile Next, is a secure mobile transaction platform capable of conducting transactions using any type of payment instrument on any type of handset, covering a large and growing universe of use cases.

Cellum’s solutions are available for white-label use worldwide, and offer speedy implementation and seamless integration with existing applications and minimal IT expenditure. Meanwhile, the flexibility of our solutions is mirrored by a commitment to providing our partners with the highest level of individualized service, including the creation of bespoke business models.

Cellum's white-label solution has already been implemented by a range of prominent clients under their own name:
MasterCard™ Mobile, launched in 2011, was the first deployment of Cellum’s wallet technology; CellumPay, launched in 2012, was built for the Bulgarian market in cooperation with a local mobile carrier; Erste MobilePay, launched in 2014, was made for one of Central Europe’s leading banking groups; OTPay, launched in 2014, was developed for OTP Bank, Hungary’s largest bank, and is Europe’s first MasterPass-enabled mobile wallet; Mobile Credit Card, launched in 2014, was created for PaysBuy, a Telenor subsidiary in Thailand, and features 3-D Secure transactions. Telenor Wallet, launched in 2014, is a converged wallet created for Telenor Hungary.

All our work is subject to a security standard that has produced a record of zero fraud or chargebacks after more than a decade of implementations across several industries in numerous markets.

  • Products

    Our products enable financial institutions, mobile network operators and other providers to offer mobile transaction services to their customers, including payments, loyalty programs and other value-added functions.

  • White Papers

    Cellum is not a pilot project, a test or slideware. We have an 18-year track record of successfully tested and operating solutions. Our case studies provide detailed insight into how mobile payment services operate in the real world.

  • Security

    In addition to being fully PCI DSS compliant, Cellum uses a proprietary tokenization and data fragmentation technology to ensure that all transactions are perfectly safe for every customer and partner of Cellum and preclude the risk of fraud.