Fintech Platform for Asia

We are pleased to announce that MPP Magyarország Zrt. has successfully completed the tender announced by the HEPA Hungarian Export Development Agency Nonprofit Zrt. According to the HEPA's decision, the "Asian fintech platform" tender received HUF 528,748,070 in one-time, non-refundable support. As a member of the Cellum group, MPP Magyarország Zrt. and Cellum Asia Pacific PTE Ltd. from Singapore jointly prepared the product intended primarily for the Southeast Asian market. "multi-service" fintech platform. The solution completed during the project is suitable for connecting to several so-called e-money systems and making payment transactions from mobile applications with e-money accounts or bankcards as payment instruments. Also, the consortium finished the development of the Android-based POS software and related features and interfaces so it can be connected to the “Fintech platform” and provide card acceptance services for so-called in-store payment scenarios. With the help of the new platform, the Cellum group can provide a wide range of acceptance and digital payment solutions as a technology provider to its partners, primarily in South-East Asia and Europe, whether they are micro-enterprises or large multinational companies. (10. May 2023.)

As a member of Cellum Group, MPP Hungary has more than a decade and a half worth of experience operating mobile payment systems. Our strategic goal is to become a leading fintech service provider for Southeast Asia’s so-called ride-hailing and multi-service platforms through MPP Hungary and our Singapore-based Cellum Asia Pacific PTE Ltd. affiliate. The purpose of the project is, building on the company group’s existing platform, to develop a payment solution in the region that is capable of providing customizable, easily integrated and secure pament services to interested parties in a way that enables them to integrate it with their own applications. The envisioned solution will be capable of connecting to and carrying out financial and payment transactions between multiple e-money systems, and provide value-added services based upon them.

Thank you, HEPA!

The development of the Fintech platform has begun. The Business Development Director of Cellum Asia Pacific PTE Ltd. started his work in Singapore in January 2022.

UPDATE (9. November 2022.) The development of the Fintech Platform is almost done. The Android-based Card Acceptance software for EFT Terminal’s development is in progress, together with the necessary interfaces for it on the backend side. When the development of all components and services is completed, the Functional testing and deployment to the live system will be the last steps to finish the project. The Head of Business Development of Cellum Asia was in the annual Singapore Fintech Festival, where he was one of the participants of the Hungarian Fintech companies’ symposium, which was organized by the Hungarian National Bank and the Embassy of Hungary Singapore.


Supporting the export of mobile payment solutions developed by Cellum

We are pleased to announce that Cellum Global has successfully applied for the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency’s Export Promotion Grant. Based on HEPA’s decision, the submission titled “Supporting the export of mobile payment solutions developed by Cellum” was accepted by HEPA and, consequently, Cellum Global will receive a one-time non-reimbursable grant as follows:

• amount requested by applicant: HUF 49,999,994
• amount granted: HUF 49,999,994
• grant rate: 50.00%

Cellum has launched a number of initiatives in Southeast Asia in recent years; the company now aims to strengthen its position in the region, especially in Indonesia and Singapore. The purpose of the project is to partially provide the resources necessary for mapping out and gaining an in-depth understanding of these markets’ unique needs and characteristics, as well as for preparing Cellum’s products to meet local legal and business requirements. The project aims to enable the company to grow its revenues from and presence in international markets, especially those outside the European Union.

Thank you, HEPA!


Searching for European Union tenders and partners and building relationships in the areas of carrier-independent mobile journey planning and electronic payments at Cellum Global Corp.

The objective of the tender is to prepare the Hungarian and international roll-out of multiple projects by Cellum Global Corp., especially the "Carrier-independent journey planning and electronic payment" product, to prepare the organization and the project recommended by the consultant for participation in the Horizon 2020 tender, and to utilize marketing and consultancy tools in order to facilitate the go-to-market process.

With a budget of HUF 11 860 000, the project was realized with a 75% state subsidy (HUF 8 895 000 total) within the scope of the "Development of a competitive ICT sector" tender under the Operative Program for Economic Development.

The project launched on May 1, 2015, and closed on October 31, 2015.


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