The safer way to pay

Cellum is a leading provider of solutions that make payments via mobile devices more convenient and secure. Our technology is used by financial institutions, mobile network operators, governments and merchants worldwide.

Security Without Compromise

Mobile payments made with Cellum's applications are even safer than traditional bank card transactions.

Unparalleled Conversion Rates

Customers using Cellum's applications completed purchases 84% of the time - far higher than the industry average.

A Decade of Experience

Our team was creating mobile payments solutions when the smartphone was just a clever idea.

Cellum Mobile Next

Our flagship product, Cellum Mobile Next is a modular, end-to-end remote payment system that turns any smartphone into a virtual payment device capable of conducting transactions from any registered payment instrument, from bank cards and mobile phone account to loyalty cards and coupons.

Available for white-label use worldwide, Cellum Mobile Next offers unparalleled security and covers a broad and growing universe of use cases.

“Cellum is coming in at the right time and with the right solution. We feel that Cellum can fill in the gaps in our portfolio, allowing us to offer a more complete service to the market – telcos, banks and also SMEs. We have chosen them because their complex technology has a proven track record of years of secure and reliable operation.”

Adriansyah Adnan Director of PT. Anabatic Technologies

„Throughout the World, there are examples of mobile commerce solutions that are succeeding at scale and delivering value. The Cellum story is one of them. It's impressive what Cellum has managed to achieve in the Central and Eastern European market, laying the foundation for global expansion.”

Anil Aggarwal Chairman & CEO, Money2020

“I’ve seen quite a lot of different mobile technologies at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas over the last couple of days but one of the most intriguing was around a new type of QR code.(...)The code can carry personal identity information and its targeted use is for ID and ticketing, according to Janos Koka, CEO of Cellum, the European mobile payments application developer.”

Chuck Martin Editor of MobileShopTalk, MediaPost

“The ease of use and convenience of Cellum’s solution made it a natural choice for providing a wide range of carrier billing services to our customers.”

Gábor Pukler Director of Innovation & Business Development, Magyar Telekom

„Austria is the home of Central and Eastern European financial institutions and retailer chains. We have been looking for the right solutions for these clients in the fintech arena. Cellum has what they need for mobile remote payment and commerce.”

Mag. Willi Hemetsberger Founding Partner – Ithuba Capital

„The versatility of Cellum's technology is intriguing. There are great opportunities in ASEAN for mobile financial services to leapfrog the ‘brick & mortar’ banking model and drive financial inclusion.”

Alexander Krefft Partner – Osten, Krefft & Block Ltd.

„Telenor Hungary is driving innovation to deliver the best customer experience. We prefer to work with partners who are sharing the same values: innovation, flexibility and customer focus. Cellum has proved to be among the best partners of Telenor Hungary by continously demonstrating such values. As a strategic partner we work with Cellum in Hungary and other countries.”

Zoltán Takács Chief Digital Services Officer, Digital Services Division – Telenor Magyarország Ltd.

"Mobile payment is a young industry where Cellum, with a 13-year track record, counts as a highly experienced player. Cellum demonstrated its ability to build a robust and flexible system that meets the highest bank-grade security requirements."

Zoltán Kása Group Retail Business Development Privates & CRM, Retail Product coordination, Erste Group

"As a cultural center servicing a hundred and fifty thousand customers per year, we know well that people do not like complicated means to buy tickets. Cellum lets our patrons purchase tickets quickly and securely on their smartphones, without having to have a credit card on them. Almost a single touch - and you can enjoy the show. Cellum is unbeatable at speed and security."

Benedek Vasák Creative Director, A38 Ship Budapest (The World's Best Venue in 2012 according to Lonely Planet poll & Electronic Beats Magazine)

"Cellum’s solution gives our customers a new payment option and gives us a new way to evaluate and ensure the quality of our services.

Csaba Horváth CEO, Budapest Taxi


Cellum first to bring
MasterPass™-enabled mobile
wallet to Europe.

A new initiative linking MasterCard, leading Central European banking group OTP Bank and global mobile commerce service provider Cellum is expected to move the mobile payments culture forward a major step in Europe.


Hungarian Red Cross uses QR code to raise funds for typhoon victims in Philippines

The Facebook campaign of the Hungarian Red Cross allows smartphone users to make instantaneous donations through the MasterCard Mobile app, developed by Cellum. This is the first fundraising campaign ever in Hungary where mobile payments are used together with social media.


Indonesia's Anabatic Technologies to adopt Cellum's mobile payment solut...

Anabatic Technologies, a leading player in the Indonesian IT industry, is launching a complex mobile payment solution developed by Cellum. Under the terms of the deal, the Hungary-based Cellum will provide Anabatic with a white-label version of its solution, which will be introduced into the local market under the name Mobile Bersama.


Cellum is developing purchasing app with object recognition

No QR code or barcode scanning will be needed, and purchasing transport and event tickets will be easier with the next-generation mobile payment system currently under development by Hungarian firm Cellum and co-financed by the EU. The experimental project was launched in December. Plans include the development of software capable of visually recognizing the item chosen for purchase.


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2 000 000

Secure transactions

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50 000 +



250 000 +

MasterCard Mobile


57 000 000 +

Total trx. count

to date

200 000 000 +

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